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TimePilot Extreme

Introduction to TimePilot Extreme

The rugged TimePilot Extreme is designed for outdoor use, although it can be used inside, too. It commonly would be used at construction sites, where the clock is exposed to the elements. The clock is locked down to prevent theft, but can be moved easily to another site when necessary.

Here's how it works:

  1. The clock is mounted and locked using the secure mounting plate and padlock.
  2. Each employee is issued an iButton and uses it to clock in and out. The clock's memory holds all clock-in and clock-out data.
  3. When the supervisor wants to collect the data, he unlocks the padlock, inserts the included USB drive into the bottom of the clock and taps the gray Management iButton to the "In" probe. The clock then copies to the drive all data that has been collected. The data is protected from unauthorized access, because the clock won't download data unless you tap the Management iButton to it. The supervisor repeats this process with any other Extreme timeclocks he owns.
  4. The supervisor then plugs the USB drive into the computer running Clock Manager. The software will import the data into the TimePilot database.

The powerful TimePilot Management software consists of several modules:

TimePilot Extreme also can be combined with TimePilot Tap+, TimePilot PC, TimePilot Vetro and TimePilot's Smartphone Apps to create a single time and attendance system that fits your organization's needs perfectly. All TimePilot time and attendance systems use the same management software; once you know one system, you know them all.