TimePilot PC

TimePilot PC: The Virtual Timeclock

TimePilot PCThe core of TimePilot PC is the "virtual timeclock" (shown at right). This clock appears on your employees' PC screens, allowing them to clock in and out right at their PCs. The clock-in and clock-out data is collected at your computer or server and can be manipulated by supervisors using the password-protected TimePilot Central.

The product comes in several versions, which vary by the number of computers on which the "virtual timeclock" can be installed. The single-client version can be installed on only one computer; the five-client version can be installed on five computers; and there are also 10-client and 25-client versions. Additional licenses are available to expand your system beyond 25 computers, so you could have dozens of employees clocking in and out right at their desks. 

All TimePilot PC installations—even the one-computer installation—can handle as many as 2,000 employees.

If you're using TimePilot Enterprise software with your TimePilot PC, you can use Enterprise's Cloud feature to connect distant facilities (like a branch office) with "headquarters." In that usage, a PC at the remote site transmits all the clock-ins and clock-outs collected by TimePilot PC clocks up to "the Cloud," where TimePilot Central at headquarters will find it and download it into the TimePilot database. For details, click here

We offer a 30-day trial of TimePilot PC. To try it out, put your TimePilot CD into your CD drive, click "Install TimePilot Software," then "TimePilot Installation Menu," then "TimePilot PC."

The trial version of the software will stop working after 30 days unless you enter a registration code provided by us. When you purchase TimePilot PC, you will receive the registration code and the program on CD. The data collected will remain in your TimePilot database.

To learn how to install the TimePilot PC program, click here. For instructions on how to clock in and out, click here.

When employees enter their ID number, their name appears in the field at the top of the clock and the four buttons down the right side, "In," "Out," "View" and "Clear," become active. 

To minimize the clock and display it in your Task Bar at the bottom of your screen, simply click the timeclock's red corner (bottom right). To close the program, click the "Exit" button or press the "Esc" key on your keyboard.

At the bottom left of the screen is the "Menu" button. Clicking it will cause a list of items to appear:

TimePilot PC menu


These items can be password-protected. To do so, go to TimePilot Central, click the "Administrative" menu, then "TimePilot PC Administration." Check the "Enable Password Protection" checkbox and enter a password.  





Change Data Location

This allows you to select a different database to store the data collected by this "virtual clock."

Check for Updates

Checks for updates to the TimePilot PC "virtual clock" software (not for TimePilot Central—to check for updates to TimePilot Central, click the Start button on your desktop, click "All Programs," then "TimePilot IV," then "TimePilot Utilities," then "TimePilot Update Utility."


Minimizes the "virtual clock" to the taskbar, and keeps it running.


Gives information about the product, including:


Quits program.