Upgrade to TimePilot 5 software

Support for Version 4 ended on Jan. 1, 2023

The new TimePilot 5 software is easier to use and faster than your Version 4. We have two versions of TimePilot 5, both of which support your current Vetro, Extreme Blue Enhanced and Tap systems:

  • On-Premise Edition. This version functions much like your current product. It's a one-time purchase and the database resides on your server. At checkout you'll have the option to have your database converted to the new TimePilot 5 format.
  • Cloud-Based Edition. This version is by subscription, and has many more features than the On-Premise Edition. Among them are:
    • Expand your system at no charge: Unlimited installations of the TimePilot Mobile app, which allows employees to clock in with their smartphones from anywhere, and unlimited installations of TimePilot PC, our time clock that sits on your employees' PC desktops.
    • Your TimePilot database resides in the Cloud, which gives supervisors access to the data anywhere there's an internet connection. Also, you won't have the headaches of backing up your database or protecting it from hackers.
    • Free tech support for as long as you use the product.

Note: Your Version 4 database isn't compatible with TimePilot 5's new, faster database. We will convert the last five years of your current database to the new format for $100. You'll have the option to order the conversion at checkout. If you order it, we will contact you within one business day. If you decline the conversion, you'll need to re-enter all setup data when you upgrade.

Not sure which software version is right for you? We'll be happy to make a recommendation. Contact our sales department at or 630-879-6400. Here's a comparison of both versions:

Feature TimePilot 5 Upgrade:
Cloud-Based Edition
TimePilot 5 Upgrade:
On-Premise Edition
Pricing model Subscription-based One-time price
Annual price Starts at $299; varies by No. of employees $250
Range Anywhere in the world. All users must be on the same local area network.
Includes tech support? Yes. Unlimited 30 days free; after that, $179/year
Clock systems supported Extreme Blue Enhanced; Vetro; Tap; TimePilot PC (new version; unlimited installations); smartphone app (unlimited installations) Extreme Blue Enhanced; Vetro; Tap.
(Not TimePilot PC)
Database location Cloud Customer's PC or server
New database setup required? Yes Yes
Current database conversion service available? Yes
We'll do the last 5 years
for $100
We'll do the last 5 years
Automatic database backup and protection from hackers? Yes No
How do you access data in database? By PC anywhere there's an internet connection By PC on network only
No. of employees Unlimited Unlimited

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TimePilot 5:
Cloud-Based Edition

Prices below include a one-year subscription to the management software and the number of employee licenses specified (you'll need one per employee).

Maximum No. of Employees Cost per year
Up to 5 $299

Up to 10 $349

Up to 20 $449

Up to 30 $599

Up to 50 $699

Up to 100 $799

Up to 150 $899

Up to 200 $999

If you need more than 200, please
contact us for special discounts!

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TimePilot 5:
On-Premise Edition

Price: $250
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