TimePilot Tap

Adding new employees

When you add an employee to your TimePilot system, there's no need to tell your Tap clocks who has what iButton. The only part of the TimePilot software that cares is TimePilot Central, and you registered an iButton when you set up your Employee Profile.

Here's why:

When an iButton is tapped to a Tap clock, it records the iButton's serial number, as well as the time, date and whether it's an In or an Out transaction. That's it—the clock has no idea whose iButton it is.

When a supervisor runs Tap Manager to collect the data from the Tap clock, each iButton's serial number is matched against the name and iButton serial number in TimePilot Central that was entered when the employee was set up in the system. That's how the system knows who clocked in or out.

Do you need to assign an iButton to an employee? Here's how.

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