New Blue Dot iButton Receptor: A simple time-saver

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The TimePilot iButton ReceptorIntroducing our newest product: The Blue Dot iButton Receptor. It’s really a simple device: two iButton probes attached by a coiled cable to a USB connector.

Simple in concept, but extremely useful if you’re a TimePilot PC, a TimePilot Vetro or a TimePilot Standard user. (TimePilot Extreme users receive a Blue Dot iButton Receptor in their Starter Kit.)

TimePilot PC

If you use TimePilot PC, our software-only timeclock system, adding an iButton Receptor allows you to require your employees to clock in and out with an iButton, greatly reducing the possibility of “buddy-punching”—a situation when one employee clocks in another, even though the second employee is absent.

With a Blue Dot iButton Receptor, you can require specific employees to clock in with an iButton and give other employees the ability to clock in with an ID number or an iButton.

If you have more than one installation of TimePilot PC, you can also require specific PCs running TimePilot PC to only accept iButtons for clocking in and allow other TimePilot PC installations to accept an iButton or an ID number.

Click here for detailed setup instructions on the TimePilot web site.

TimePilot Vetro and TimePilot Standard

If you use TimePilot Vetro or TimePilot Standard, the Blue Dot iButton Receptor can make your life easier. Normally, you set up your software at the PC, and then assign iButtons to your employees at the Vetro or Standard clock. You have to assign the iButtons at the clock, because that’s the only place there’s an iButton probe to read the iButton’s serial number.

But if you have a Blue Dot iButton Receptor, you can set up the iButtons right at your computer. Here’s how to get detailed instructions:

  • TimePilot Vetro: Click here.
  • TimePilot Standard: Click here.

For more about the Blue Dot iButton Receptor or to purchase one for $59, click here.