Selected TimePilot 5 tips

These items cover TimePilot 5; for TimePilot 4, please click here

Q. Our company uses Paychex to handle our payroll. Is there a way to prepare the data collected by TimePilot so we can send it to Paychex?

A. Yes, there is. It’s a called “exporting.” In TimePilot Central, click the “Pay Periods” tab on the left side of the screen. In the box labeled “Payroll Exports,” click “Install Payroll Export.” A list of all the available exports will appear. (If you don’t see yours, check periodically—we’re adding them frequently.) In your case, click “Paychex” and “Install.” After it installs, click the “Account” tab, then go back to “Pay Periods,” and you’ll see a Paychex button in the Exports box. Click the button and follow the instructions that appear to prepare your data in the correct format. For more on Payroll Exports, click or tap here.

Q. We have the Cloud Edition and our employees clock in and out with the smartphone app, TimePilot Mobile. Is there a way they can send a note with their clock-in or clock-out?

A. Yes! Here’s how: After starting up the app, you’ll see the big “In” and “Out” buttons. Under the green “In” button is a small white icon that looks like a note with a clock superimposed on it. Before you tap “in” or “Out,” tap the white icon. A box will appear for you to type your note. After you’re done, tap the “In” or the “Out” button. The note will accompany the “In” or “Out” transaction and be visible on TimePilot Central’s Transactions screen. Click or tap here for illustrated instructions.

Q. Does the Tap clock have a low battery warning?

A. No. The clock is always charging when it is cabled to your PC. The Tap uses so little energy from its rechargable battery that it would be incredibly diffcult to run the batteries down to zero. Our tech staff recently found two Tap clocks that had been sitting untouched for five years, and both clocks still ran.

Q. Is your Cloud version web-based software?

A. Just your database is stored in the Cloud. The TimePilot 5 management software must be installed on Windows computers. You can download and install the password-protected software on as many Windows computers as you like.

Q. Can I use one Vetro time clock for more than one business?

A. You can use one Vetro for multiple companies if you’re running either version of TimePilot 5: the Cloud-Based Edition or the On-Premise Edition. TimePilot 5 will handle an unlimited number of companies. If you have multiple Vetros (or any of our other clocks), employees can clock in or out at any of the clocks and the software will list the clock-ins and clock-outs and their locations. If you’re running an earlier version of the TimePilot software and want to upgrade to Version 5, click or tap here.

Q. We have TimePilot Extreme Blue. Can we set the clock-in time at 6:45 a.m. no matter what time the employees clocks in? Some employees clock in at 6:30 or even 6:20 but only start working at 6:45.

A. Yes, that’s a common situation. You’ll be using a feature called “Snap-To” in the TimePilot software. TimePilot's Snap-To function allows employees to clock in early and not go "on the clock" until their shift starts. It also allows them to clock out late but go "off the clock" when their shift ends. In Snap-To setup, you can designate how many minutes will be "snapped" and when that will occur. For details and instructions ton how to set up Snap-To, see this page in TimePilot 5 help.

Q. How do I print a report listing the transactions of all employees?

A. Click the “Reports” tab on the left side of TimePilot Central 5. On the screen that appears, you’ll see five main report categories: Memorized Reports, Summary Reports, Transaction Reports, Administrative Reports and Profile Reports. In the Transaction Reports category, click the icon labeled “Transaction.”

A. When that report opens, you can customize it so that it fits your needs. To get a list of each employee’s transactions, go to the top of the screen where the employee’s name is shown. Click the dropdown arrow and select “All Employees” from the list that appears. You can change the date range of the report with the other menu items at the top of the screen. And if you click the Customize button at the top left, you can add or delete columns of data in the report.

For more on reports, see this page in the TimePilot 5 help.

Q. If we have multiple clocks across multiple sites with different managers at each site, do I need to purchase software and support for each?

A. No. You’ll need one “Starter Kit”: That includes one clock (Extreme Blue, Vetro or Tap), plus TimePilot 5 software, 10 iButtons and the accessories you’ll need. After that, you’ll just add individual clocks—and you can add any of the three clocks mentioned above to an existing system. If you purchase a Cloud-Based system you get unlimited support covering everything; if you buy an On-Premise system you get 30 days of free support and can purchase a year’s worth of tech support for $179 that covers everything.

Q. We just bought another Extreme Blue clock. Do I need to reprogram all our employees' iButtons on the new clock?

A. The clock will not require that the iButtons be re-assigned. The clock does not match the iButton to the employee, this is done within the app or the software.

Q. I’m upgrading to Windows 11. What version of TimePilot Central can I run on Windows 10? Is there a cost for upgrading my local version?

A. Both our newest version, TimePilot 5, and our older version, TimePilot 4, are very happy on Windows 11. If you are upgrading the operating system on the computer you are currently using, you may want to uninstall and reinstall the TimePilot software to ensure you have the most recent version. Here’s a link to the software’s download page. Make sure you click the link for your version of the TimePilot software. Uninstalling the software will not delete any of your data.

You can also use the link above to download the software if you are getting a new computer.

Q. My remote workers don't have smartphones. How can they clock in?

A. If their on-site supervisor has a smartphone, he can clock in each member of the crew using the smartphone app.

Q. Does the smartphone app, TimePilot Mobile, track my employees at all times? We're concerned about privacy.

A. No. It just takes a "snapshot" of the GPS location at the moment the employee clocks in or clocks out. You can also set up "geofencing," which means that when an employee enters an area that you've designated as a job site in the TimePilot 5 software and clocks in or out, their transaction location will be listed in TimePilot Central 5 as the designated job site. This means that a supervisor won't have to call up a GPS map and determine where the employee was when they clocked in or out.

Q. We have an accomplished IT person and we're confident she can handle having the TimePilot database on our network server. Is there any other benefit to having our database on the Cloud?

A. Yes, several:

  • Real-time access to your database even when you're nowhere near your network.
  • No need to worry about crashed hard drives or hackers.
  • Should you need support, TimePilot's technical support staff can easily access your database to diagnose problems. (Many of the support questions they receive involve TimePilot databases on local area networks.)
  • One additional benefit: Cloud-based TimePilot Central 5 includes free unlimited phone and email tech support. (Regular price: $179 per year.)

Q. It would be helpful to see which of our employees are on the clock at any one time. Does TimePilot offer anything like this?

A. Yes, this is just one of the new features in our new software. In TimePilot Central, on the left side of the screen is a tab labeled “In/Out Board.” Just click the tab and you’ll see the current status of each employee. A green arrow indicates they’re clocked in, a blank space that they’re clocked out and boxes of different colors indicate whether they’re currently on vacation, a holiday, taking paid time off, etc.