Selected TimePilot 5 tips

These items cover TimePilot 5; for TimePilot 4, please click here

Q. My remote workers don't have smartphones. How can they clock in?

A. If their on-site supervisor has a smartphone, he can clock in each member of the crew using the smartphone app.

Q. Does the smartphone app, TimePilot Mobile, track my employees at all times? We're concerned about privacy.

A. No. It just takes a "snapshot" of the GPS location at the moment the employee clocks in or clocks out. You can also set up "geofencing," which means that when an employee enters an area that you've designated as a job site in the TimePilot 5 software and clocks in or out, their transaction location will be listed in TimePilot Central 5 as the designated job site. This means that a supervisor won't have to call up a GPS map and determine where the employee was when they clocked in or out.

Q. We have an accomplished IT person and we're confident she can handle having the TimePilot database on our network server. Is there any other benefit to having our database on the Cloud?

A. Yes, several:

  • Real-time access to your database even when you're nowhere near your network.
  • No need to worry about crashed hard drives or hackers.
  • Should you need support, TimePilot's technical support staff can easily access your database to diagnose problems. (Many of the support questions they receive involve TimePilot databases on local area networks.)
  • One additional benefit: Cloud-based TimePilot Central 5 includes free unlimited phone and email tech support. (Regular price: $179 per year.)

Q. It would be helpful to see which of our employees are on the clock at any one time. Does TimePilot offer anything like this?

A. Yes, this is just one of the new features in our new software. In TimePilot Central, on the left side of the screen is a tab labeled “In/Out Board.” Just click the tab and you’ll see the current status of each employee. A green arrow indicates they’re clocked in, a blank space that they’re clocked out and boxes of different colors indicate whether they’re currently on vacation, a holiday, taking paid time off, etc.