Employees working
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Have them clock in at their computers with TimePilot PC!

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An illustration of the Coronavirus' structure by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Worried about spreading disease among your employees? With most of our iButton-based systems, there's no skin contact—just the surface of each employee's iButton touches the clock.

For more tips on avoiding the spread of illness at your workplace, visit the
U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention web site.

Thinking about a fingerprint time clock? Don't do it!
TimePilot has a better solution

Clocking in with a fingerprint sounds great, right? It's easy, inexpensive (no more time cards!) and you can't cheat. But fingerprint-based systems have plenty of downside,too:

1.   They can make you sick by spreading viruses and germs.

2.   They can get you sued if you don't follow complicated new data privacy laws. (In 2021, two major companies agreed to pay $686 million to settle biometric-related court cases just in Illinois. Learn more...)

3.  They're high-maintenance. Lotion, grease or dirt on a person's hand can smear the sensor's glass, making it difficult for others to clock in or out.

4.  They may not work for some people who have fingerprints that are especially difficult to read: bricklayers and roofers (because their fingerprints are worn down), secretaries (because they handle a lot of paper), cancer patients (a side effect of chemotherapy drugs) and older people (their skin is less elastic).

TimePilot has a better idea: iButtons

An iButton: Practically indestructible.Each employee clocks in and out by tapping the clock with an iButton: a key-sized device that fits on a keychain and contains a microchip with a unique ID number. The stainless steel button is rugged, unaffected by dirt or liquids, never wears out and only the metal button touches the clock.

The result: No biometric headaches.

TimePilot has an iButton time clock for every need:

Outdoors: TimePilot
Extreme Blue Enhanced

Weatherproof, secure and battery-powered. Download data to your smartphone and send it on to your office!

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Click to watch the video introducing Extreme Blue II Enhanced. Opens in a new window.

On the move: TimePilot Tap+

Pocket-sized, battery-powered. Toss it in a toolbox or attach it to a dashboard. Goes a year between charges.

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Click to watch the video introducing Tap. Opens in a new window.

At the office: TimePilot Vetro

Handles dirty as well as clean environments. Use it with or without a network; clock in with iButtons or (if you really want to) a 4-digit ID.

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Click to watch the video introducing Vetro. Opens in a new window.

Questions? Contact us at 630-879-6400 or Sales@TimePilot.com

30-Day trial details: If you are dissatisfied for any reason during the first 30 days after you purchase a TimePilot time clock system from TimePilot Corporation, we will refund the purchase price if you return the system to us, freight prepaid and insured for the value of the system. If you choose this option, we hope that you will take a few minutes to help us understand why you're dissatisfied. Please be sure to contact us for an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number before returning the system.
We can be reached at 630-879-6400 and Support@TimePilot.com.