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Answer: TimePilot's Cloud-based system

Our Cloud-Based system starts with TimePilot 5 PC software that's used to manage your clock-in and clock-out data. Because the data is stored in the Cloud, you can use the management software to access it anywhere there's an internet connection.

This product offers two free ways for employees to clock in and out:

  • TimePilot Mobile: Our iPhone® and Android™ smartphone app. With the app on your employees' phones, they can clock in and out anywhere—and you'll know where they were when they clocked in or out, because the phone takes a GPS "snapshot" of the where the user is when they clock in or out. You can create virtual perimeters around jobsites within the software and it will let you know if that person was on site.
  • TimePilot PC: Want your employees to clock in and out at their desks? TimePilot PC is a small software program that's installed on each employee's PC.

Want to add physical time clocks, where employees have to clock in or out by tapping an iButton to the clock? No problem. Our physical clocks can be added to any TimePilot 5 system. And if you already have our physical time clocks, those can be added, too.


We have some of the lowest prices in the industry. Our Cloud-Based systems start at $299 per year for annual plans and $29 per month for monthly plans. Those prices cover everything you'll need: the TimePilot 5 management software plus employee licenses, as well as unlimited tech support by telephone or email and unlimited downloads of TimePilot Mobile and TimePilot PC.

Our plans are priced so annual plan customers will save the equivalent of two months of service over those who choose monthly plans. For example, our lowest-priced annual plan is $299, and 12 months in our lowest-priced monthly plan is $348.

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TimePilot 5 add-ons:

The physical clocks that can also be used with our Cloud-based system—Vetro, Tap and Extreme Blue)—are a one-time purchase. Note: If you're going to use a physical clock, you'll need an iButton for each employee who will be using it. (Customers who already have iButtons can use those.) To learn more about iButtons, please click here.

TimePilot Extreme Blue. Our weatherproof, rugged outdoor clock: Individual clocks: $449.

TimePilot Vetro. Our indoor, touchscreen clock: individual clocks: $259.

TimePilot Tap. Our portable, pocket-sized clock: $169.

iButtons. Employees tap these to the Extreme Blue, Vetro or Tap to clock in and out: 10-packs $59, with quantity discounts.

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