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What's an Employee Profile?

An Employee profile contains the details and work policies that apply to an individual employee.

When you set up an employee, you'll tell the software the employee's name and choose the company, shift, Pay Class and Department that define the employee. This is also where you assign iButtons to an employee and issue them their four-digit User ID, which allows them to clock in to Vetro clocks without an iButton (if desired).

You'll create your initial Employee Profiles in the Setup Assistant that appears when you first start your TimePilot software. To create profiles later, click the "Setup" tab on the left side of the TimePilot 5 screen, then the "Add Employee" button at the top of the Employee Setup screen that appears.

You can open existing profiles to see or make changes in their settings as well as assign iButtons by double-clicking their name in the Transaction List or the Employee Setup screen

Profile Setup screen

When you add an employee to your TimePilot system, you create an Employee Profile that includes all the information the system needs to calculate their work hours.
The items below are keyed to the screenshot above.

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to set up an employee:

1Enter the employee's name in the box at the top. Entering the last name first ensures that employees' names will appear in alphabetical order on reports. Important: Make sure the box next to "Active" is checked. When this box is checked, the employee is able to use the TimePilot system. If it's not checked, the employee cannot use the system and no transactions will be generated.

2TimePilot's Vetro time clock has a screen that displays the employee's name when he or she clocks in. If you have Vetro, enter what you want the screen to display. The entry is limited to 15 characters because that's the width of the screen.

3Choose the employee's Location, Company, Shift, Department, Pay Class and Holiday Schedule from the drop-down boxes.

4Will this employee clock in with an ID number or an iButton? If your TimePilot time clock doesn't have a keypad, you have no choice: You have to use iButtons. If you have both a keypad and iButton probes on your clock (as Vetro clocks do), you can use either method, or even "mix and match": Have some employees clock in with an ID number and some with iButtons.

iButton ReaderThe software-only TimePilot PC, available to Cloud-Based system users, has no probes. If you have TimePilot PC, employees by default will clock in with their ID number. If you'd like your TimePilot PC users to also use iButtons, you'll need our optional iButton Reader (shown at right), which plugs into the employee's computer's USB port and provides an iButton probe. iButton Readers are available here.

Here's how to set up each method:

  • ID Number: Click the checkbox next to "Enable User ID Entry," then enter a four-digit number from 0001 to 9999. The number must be unique—it's used to identify an individual user to the time clock system, so numbers cannot be shared among employees. An error message will pop up if the ID number has been assigned to another user.
  • The iButton serial number is entered here.iButton: Enter the serial number on the iButton to be assigned to the employee. If you have a TimePilot Vetro clock that is connected to your local area network PC, or you're using the optional iButton Reader or TimePilot Tap clock, the software can read an iButton and enter the number automatically. Click the "iButton Setup" link on the screen. The "iButton" box will pop up (shown at right).
    Extreme Blue and Vetro users: Assign employees' iButtons right at the clock. For Extreme Blue, you'll use the XBlue Sky smartphone app; for Vetro you'll use the clock's keypad and display screen. For Extreme Blue instructions, click here; for Vetro instructions, click here.
    Tap users: Click the "Start Tap Manager" button, then tap the iButton to the Tap clock, choose the color of your keyfob and click "OK." For instructions, click here.
    iButton Reader users: Tap the iButton to the reader, choose the color of your keyfob and click "OK." For instructions, click here.

Note: If an employee leaves the company in the middle of a pay period and does not return his or her iButton, you can disable it quickly and easily by deleting the employee's iButton serial number. This will disable the iButton but allow the employee's name to show up on all reports. Once the employee is no longer a part of a pay period, his or her profile can be deleted. Please remember that this will not stop an employee from clocking in if you also allow them to clock in using a four-digit ID number on the keypad. To prevent that, remove the check from the "Active" checkbox on the employee status screen. (See step 1 above).

5If you plan to use Snap-To and/or Late/Early Tracking, make sure there's a check in the appropriate checkbox. For details on Snap-To, click here; for details on Late/Early Tracking, click here.

6Will this employee have the Auto Lunch function applied to his or her schedule? If so, make sure there's a check in the checkbox and set the number of minutes that will be subtracted from their time for their lunch break. Note: Auto Lunch also needs to be set up in the Company Tab in TimePilot Central before it can be used.

Optional screen

Most of the information on this screen is optional, but there are several items that might be important to certain organizations.
Most of the information on this screen is optional, but there are several items that might be important to certain organizations.

Fill in as much or as little information on this screen as you wish.

7If your company treats employees' birthdays as holidays, make sure you enter a birthdate here so the software knows when the employee should receive that holiday. For more on holidays, click here.

8If you enter an hourly wage here, you'll be able to see the employee's total gross pay when you generate some selected reports.

When you're done, click "Save." Repeat the process for each employee.

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