Today's medical offices are high-tech,
so why do you still use timecards?

TimePilot has timeclocks for every situation and the software to tie them all together!

TimePilot Vetro for indoors

At your main office

TimePilot Vetro on your network

Employees tap an iButton to the touchscreen Vetro to clock in or out; TimePilot software (included) combines work hours from all locations.

TimePilot Extreme Blue Enhanced for outdoors

At satellite office No. 1

TimePilot Vetro and the Cloud

Employees clock in at the touchscreen clock with iButtons; data collected is downloaded to a PC and sent to your main office through the Cloud.

TimePilot Tap+ for vehicles or on-the-go

At satellite office No. 2

TimePilot Tap+ and the Cloud

Employees clock in at this portable, pocket-sized clock; data is downloaded to a PC, and forwarded to your main office through the Cloud.

The easy-to-use TimePilot Central software handles data from all of your clocks to create one complete solution for your time and attendance needs. The software can handle up to 2,000 employees at no extra cost and generates reports as well as prepares the data for the leading payroll software and services, like QuickBooks and ADP. The system described above, with iButtons for 20 employees, is less than $1,000.

The wall-mounted Vetro is designed for indoor use. It's our most flexible clock, offering two ways to clock in and out and two ways to download data from the clock. Clock-in methods: Employees tap iButtons (10 included; each clock can handle as many as 500) to the In and Out probes, or they enter 4-digit codes. Downloading data to a PC at your main office or satellite offices: Collect the data with a USB drive (included) or plug it into your network for automatic collection.

Starts at $369!

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Tap is a small, light clock that can sit on your desk or be carried in a pocket or vehicle. Employees use the same iButtons as with Vetro to clock in and out. Its rechargeable battery will go for a year between charges. When it's time to collect your employees' hours, just use the included USB cable to connect it to a PC. The data will download automatically, the clock will be reset to the time on the PC and the battery will recharge.

Starts at $349!

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How do we stack up against our competition?

Very, very well:

  • We'll save you money: In a recent side-by-side price quote for equivalent systems, we were 60% less expensive!
  • We have no monthly or annual fees to use our systems. They'll nickel-and-dime you to death.
  • Our systems require 1 iButton per employee. They require 2. And they charge $9.95 for each iButton; we charge a maximum of $5.90.
  • Their outdoor timeclocks don't work with Apple iPhones. Ours do. Android smartphones, too.
  • We show all our prices up front. They don't.
  • We have a full line of outdoor and indoor timeclocks that all work together. They don't.
  • QuickBooks interface? Ours: free; theirs: almost $400.

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