Complete time and attendance

Clock in anywhere on the planet: Job sites, offices, vehicles or smartphones!

Only TimePilot offers outdoor and indoor time clocks, plus smartphone apps

Store data in the Cloud or on your PC or server.

Multiple levels of access: Let supervisors see only their own employees.

Export data to top payroll services/software, like ADP and QuickBooks.

Automatic vacation accrual.

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Mobile apps track your employees' clock-ins with GPS

Cloud-based systems include free smartphone apps that record GPS coordinates at clock-in and clock-out. One click shows your employee's location on a map.

Click an employee's transaction in the TimePilot management software to see where it occurred.
TimePilot's Mobile App: Clock in individuals or entire teams anywhere.

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TimePilot Extreme Blue II: Rugged, weatherproof, and the batteries last a year.

For outdoor job sites: Weatherproof Extreme Blue II

Perfect for job sites! It's battery powered and downloads data to your smartphone. Employees use iButtons to clock in and out.

Click this photo to see a video of Extreme Blue II working after a blizzard.

Ice and snow can't stop them!

Even when a storm encrusts a TimePilot Extreme Blue II clock with ice and snow, after a bit of scraping it still works like a charm. Click the photo to see a video.

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For the office and the workshop: Vetro

TimePilot Vetro is a touchscreen clock that can be used anywhere from pristine offices to dirty workshops. Employees clock in with an iButton; use it with or without a network.

Employees clock in with an iButton. With no moving parts, the Vetro isn't hampered by dirt, sawdust, grease or other substances.

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The Tap clock is about the size of a deck of cards. It's incredibly portable; just plug it into your PC to download the data it collects.

For anywhere you need to track employees: Tap+

TimePilot Tap+ fits in a pocket or a toolbox or on a dashboard. Its batteries last a year before needing a recharge.

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