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Issue Lead Article Tips Cool Stuff
February 2024 (No. 72) Using TimePilot Mobile Getting missed transactions; clock memory capacity AirFly Pro Bluetooth Wireless Audio Transmitter


Issue Lead Article Tips Cool Stuff
July 2023 (No. 71) Cloud Edition Users: Text your employees from our software Holiday pay, Mobile app, adding a Vetro clock, lost iButtons Herb snips
January 2023 (No. 70) On-Premise Edition Users: Back Up Your Data to the Cloud Exporting data to payroll services; Notes in TimePilot Mobile. Wad-Free for Bed Sheets


Issue Lead Article Tips Cool Stuff
March 2022 (No. 69) GPS and Geofencing with TimePilot Using the software's Snap-To function; printing reports. Reynolds Kitchens Slow Cooker Liners


Issue Lead Article Tips Cool Stuff
November 2021 (No. 68) TimePilot splits its software into two versions TimePilot 5: Clocking in with a smartphone; GPS locations. Wicked Good Moccasins
July 2021 (No. 67) How current customers can use our new Cloud system Sorting the Transaction List; "X" prevents TimePilot from calculating work hours. Fizz Lids
March 2021 (No. 66) Clock in from anywhere with our new Cloud systems Resetting a Vetro clock; software on more than one PC. Bottle Bright


Issue Lead Article Tips Cool Stuff
October 2020 (No. 65) Best Practices: Limit Access with Login Accounts Transfer data with Clock Manager; clock in with user IDs. Ring Light
June 2020 (No. 64) Tips and tricks; disinfecting your system A message from our Support Staff, reverse extractions and software upgrades Royal Standing Desk


Issue Lead Article Tips Cool Stuff
Nov. 2019 (No. 63) Using Buffer Zones in TimePilot Central Extreme Blue Enhanced & cell signals; "orphan transactions." Wentworth Jigsaw Puzzles
August 2019 (No. 62) Add Tap to (Almost) Any TimePilot System Resurrecting inactive employees; finding missing employee Writeyboard
May 2019 (No. 61) Troubleshooting Your TimePilot System Employee clocks in twice in a row; TimePilot app on iPad? BCOZZY Travel Pillow
February 2019 (No. 60) Adding New iButtons to Your TimePilot System Avioding orphan transactions; USB drives and Vetro Micro-Cut Shredder


Issue Lead Article Tips Cool Stuff
December 2018 (No. 59) Best Practices Rerun: All About Holiday Schedules Vacation days; maximum hours Powerburst Jump Battery
September 2018 (No. 58) Best Practices: Night Shifts, Day Boundaries Dropbox Archive; Vetro backlight Retro-Style Flip Clock
July 2018 (No. 57) Keeping an Eye on Employee Breaks Using different clocks; custom reports Royal Shipping/Postal Scale
May 2018 (No. 56) Rerun: Moving TimePilot to a new PC Extreme Blue clocks beeping and flashing. Powerburst Jump Battery
March 2018 (No. 55) Smartphone Apps: Quick Answers Salaried workers; handling breaks Windows Calculator


Issue Lead Article Tips Cool Stuff
December 2017 (No. 54) Support Center: The Grand Tour Snap-To and adding Taps Scratch-Off World Map
September 2017 (No. 53) Job Costing What to do with "Invalid IDs" and "Xs" Amazon Locker
June 2017 (No. 52) All About Bluetooth Blank iButtons; Tap profiles Weego Jump Starter Battery+
April 2017 (No. 51) More Uses for TimePilot Clocks 1 PC, 2 Companies Dolly
Feb. 2017 (No. 50) Creating Signable Timesheets Inserting Time at an OT Rate Grocery Gripps


Issue     Lead Article Tips Cool Stuff
Nov. 2016 (No. 49) Moving TimePilot to a new PC Checking that an employee clocked in Querkles Masterpieces
Oct. 2016 (No. 48) Multiple Levels of Access for Supervisors Moving to a new server Reversible USB Cable
July 2016 (No. 47) Connecting Your Vetro to Your Network Data from 3 clocks at once. Sandstand
Feb. 2016 (No. 46) Using Tap As a Timekeeper Sending profiles to smartphones Google Cardboard
Jan. 2016 (No. 45) Creating Custom Reports Notes; Vetro battery backup Jokari Bag Holder


Issue     Lead Article Tips Cool Stuff
Nov. 2015 (No. 44) All About Holiday Schedules Tracking days off; using a tablet Google Traffic
Sept. 2015 (No. 43) What to do when a pay period ends Vetro far from a power outlet Garage door monitor
Aug. 2015 (No. 42) All About Rounding Windows 10; new OT policies Office cheat sheets
July 2015 (No. 41) Re-run: Moving TimePilot to a New PC Biometric problems
May 2015 (No. 40) Guide to Column Headers Extreme Blue distance; mergers LED strip
Mar. 2015 (No. 39) Guide to TimePilot Central icons Tapping an iButton; PC names FreeKey
Feb. 2015 (No. 38) Introducing Our New Smartphone Apps Extreme Blue "graduation"; Macs Air-O-Swiss
Jan. 2015 (No. 37) Introducing 2 new TimePilot products Moving to a new PC Nibble


Issue Lead Article Tips Cool Stuff
August 2014 (No. 36) TimePilot software: Secret Shortcuts USB drives; Vetro's memory Biolite Camp Stove
July 2014 (No. 35) Best Practices: All About Login Accounts Vacations and holidays The Kitchen Safe
June 2014 (No. 34) 7 (More) Top Tips from Past Newsletters Remove workers; new drive. Clean Bottle
May 2014 (No. 33) 7 Top Articles from Past Newsletters Rounding; orphan transactions. Cup bag
Mar./Apr. 2014 (No. 32) More "Off-the-Wall" Ways to Use TimePilot Vetro or Veetro?; extraction. Bobble Brush Timer
Feb. 2014 (No. 31) Best Practices: Reverse Extraction Virtual server; bad biometrics RightPSI
Jan. 2014 (No. 30) Last Days for Deals at Kickstarter Terms for buyers; new batteries  Duolingo


Issue Lead Article Tips Cool Stuff
Dec. 2013 (No. 29) New TimePilot software Holiday schedules; 2 PCs Shazam
Sept. 2013 (No. 28) Reporting on Reports Erasing USB drives; date changes
July 2013 (No. 27) Moving TimePilot to a New Computer "Lost" transactions; Atomic Clock Standup Desk
June 2013 (No. 26) New Accessory Extends Vetro's Power Introducing a timeclock; OT Gator Grip
May 2013 (No. 25) Best Practices: Handling Breaks Multiple clocks; iButton setup Google AdWords
Apr. 2013 (No. 24) Software Secrets: The Help Files Long-term reports, multiple PCs Pokki
Mar. 2013 (No. 23) Best Practices: "Outside the Box" DST, Reversing extraction Excel Cheat Sheet
Jan./Feb. 2013 (No. 22) Best Practices: Backup & Restore Deleting employees Gentle Alarm


Issue Lead Article Tips Cool Stuff
Issue Lead Article Tips Cool Stuff
Dec. 2012 (No. 21) TimePilot Locks: iButton Double Duty Moving Vetro to a new PC
Nov. 2012 (No. 20) Best Practices: Holiday Schedules Automatic holidays Writing-Fonts
Oct. 2012 (No. 19) Best Practices: TimePilot Central Tips Daylight Saving Time GorillaPod Mobile
Sept. 2012 (No. 18) Combining TimePilot Systems Windows 8, multiple admins Khan Academy
Aug. 2012 (No. 17) Best Practices: All About Alerts Catching clock-in mistakes Fences
July 2012 (No. 16) Unusual Way to Use TimePilot Tap Active vs. Inactive employees Sketchup
May 2012 (Extra!) Extra: Introducing TimePilot Tap!    
May 2012 (No. 15) Best Practices: All About Extraction Update tips; adding Vetros Prezi
Mar. 2012 (No. 14) Clearing the Fog About “the Cloud” iPhone App; salary vs. hourly Car code reader
Feb. 2012 (No. 13) TimePilot Unveils New iPhone App Getting more help The Utili-Key 6-in-1
Jan. 2012, (No. 12) Best Practices: All About Snap-To Replacing a manual IngenuiTEA


Issue Lead Article Tips Cool Stuff
Dec. 2011, (No. 11) Best Practices: Interesting Issues From USB to a network Green surge protector
Nov. 2011, (No. 10) Best Practices: Job Costing Employee info; using a Mac Windows Cheat Sheet
Sept. 2011, (No. 9) All About USB Drives TimePilot on multiple PCs Dry Erase Paint
Aug. 2011, (No. 8) Best Practices: Buffer Zones Vetro USB drives; Vetro time Shipping Scale
July, 2011, (No. 7) Secrets From the TimePilot Web Site Using your own USB drive Whitelines notebooks
June, 2011, (No. 6) User-Defined Exports Vetro after a power outage Rabbit corkscrew
May, 2011, (No. 5) Power Outages and TimePilot Clocks Checking hours on Vetro QR Codes
Apr. 2011, (No. 4) Introducing our iButton Receptor Highlighting OT in TimePilot Dropbox
Mar. 2011 (No. 3) What Is an iButton, Anyway? Arranging new transactions One2Flush
Feb. 2011 (No. 2) Introducing TimePilot IV TimePilot and Windows 7 Twist-a-Dose
Jan. 2011 (No. 1) Announcing TimePilot Vetro Extracting pay periods Google Cheatsheet